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May 2024 at COV

Join us in person on Sundays at Church of the Valley at 10:30AM!


Camping, Retreats, & Outreach

During the summer, our young disciples head up to Loch Leven in Mentone, CA. This awesome summer camp experience is perfect for all ages! They have camp time for children as young as three (which is a parent and child camp) all the way up to 18 years old, which is our senior high camp.


Summer camp usually runs anywhere from a couple of days to a full, solid week.  During camp, you get to bond with your church family and your disciples family from different Disciples of Christ churches around the region. You're immersed in nature, music, laughter and diving deep into God’s word!




Every year, the Church of the Valley Children's and Youth Department puts on a Christmas show! Rehearsals begin in October and our young artists spend time every week learning their lines, songs, and choreography for our performance in mid-December.

From variety shows to art galleries, there are plenty of opportunities for our youth to showcase their creative talents at COV!


Movie nights, good food, and good friends!

Spending the night with the youth group at Church of the Valley creates an incredible opportunity to grow our faith in a safe and supportive environment!

We take the time to discuss our thoughts and feelings, play fun games, and hold space for our peers.

Guided by compassionate and open-minded adults, staycations at COV encourage kids and teens to speak openly about their journey, to move from a place of love and understanding, and to remember to HAVE FUN!


COV Young Disciples

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